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Reformer Class

Reformer classes are an excellent way to not only increase your strength, but increase your flexibility as well. Our careful instruction ensures that our clients strengthen the correct muscles. While many studios might challenge you to do "fancy moves" with a lot of resistance, we choose to focus on form and precision.

Chair Class

Centered around this unique piece of equipment, our Chair Classes provide a difficult workout to even the strongest of clients. Considered to be the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment, the Chair tackles strength, stability, and coordination. 

Cardio Circuit Class

Get your heart pumping with this full studio circuit class. Utilizing the Pilates equipment, cardio equipment, and a variety of props, members can challenge themselves to push their heart rates and increase their strength through the guidance of Pilates principles. 

Release and Restore

This class promotes tight muscle release. Unlike your normal stretching routine, this class utilizes myofascial techniques - digging deep below the surface to relieve the fascial system. This class is designed to aid in recovery, improve posture, and realign the body system. An excellent addition to any pilates practice or massage treatment, RnR fills the gap and places recovery in your own hands. 

TRX Pilates

Combining the suspension training of the TRX and the principles of Pilates, this class challenges the entire core system to its fullest. Utilizing your body weight against gravity, TRX Pilates increases muscular endurance, builds kinesthetic awareness, and raises your heart rate. With three sets of cardio built in, this class is sure to get the blood moving. This class is an excellent addition to any Pilates practice.  

Prenatal and Postnatal Class

This Pilates class is designed for moms - both prenatal and postnatal. Pilates has been shown to increase pelvic floor muscle strength and endurance in pregnant women. This can aid during labor and help rebuild strength post-delivery. Utilizing mat and equipment work, our carefully designed program helps you to build strength while remaining safe. No matter where you are along your pregnancy journey, we welcome everyone looking to learn more about their bodies, practice Pilates safely, and create a community amongst other women in similar stages of life. 

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Mommy and Me Class

This Pilates class is designed for moms and their babies! Bring your child along (infant through age 1) as you learn how to use your new body.  As we always say, babies are heavy! They can do a number on the body even after labor. In addition to practicing Pilates safely, we also address how to safely carry, move, and lift your ever growing child. We try to pair you with other moms who have children similar to the same age as your child to help share information and create a community amongst other moms. 

To ensure your safety, each new client is required to take an Intro to Equipment class. This 90 minute class covers the basics of proper Pilates Equipment usage. Do you have years of previous Pilates equipment experience? Give us a call! We can help get you scheduled in our regular courses.  Courses begin the first week of every month. If you wish to join a course that is already in progress, please email us. 

Equipment Courses

deeply We LOVE our 90-minute classes. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a class and becamse frustrated that you couldn't quite Courses meet weekly on a month-to-month basis. Throughout, clients are able to grow and learn with the same classmates, building upon skills learned in weeks prior. Each course is tailored specifically to its members in a way that a general drop-in class cannot.



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