When it comes to our clients, we strive to provide the most informative experiences we possibly can. At Body First, we do not want our clients to simply come to work out or check out. Instead, we want you to leave with a greater understanding of your own body. Our Pilates instructors and massage therapists want you to have the confidence and the education to explain exactly what your body is experiencing at any given moment. The more knowledge you have, the more capable you are of taking your healing into your own hands.

At Body First, we strive to provide as many workshops and events as possible throughout the year, not only to increase your education, but also to have a little fun along the way!

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This 75-minute 4-week course is guaranteed to be more than “just a Pilates class.” One part movement, one part lecture, we’ll be covering various topics that leave you feeling empowered and informed. Not only will you learn how to stay strong throughout your pregnancy, but we’ll also discuss:


  • birth prep

  • how to exercise safely while pregnant

  • how to recover post birth safely

  • the basic building blocks of labor


In addition, we are also offering all clients who enroll in our prenatal course discounts on all private sessions up to three-months postpartum.


  • $60 - Normal Online Private Session

  • $200 - 4 Sessions at $50 each

  • $360 - 8 Sessions at $45 each

REQUIRED PROPS: Large Stability Ball, Small Ball or Pillow, Light and Medium Weights, Theraband

What: Prenatal Pilates Course

When: Saturdays Mar 6 - 27 1:00pm - 2:15pm EST

Cost: $120