Equipment Courses

Pilates Equipment Courses are an excellent addition to any workout. To ensure individualized attention, our courses are limited in size. Courses meet weekly on a month-to-month basis. Throughout, clients are able to grow and learn with the same classmates, building upon skills learned in weeks prior. Each course is tailored specifically to its members in a way that a general drop-in class cannot.


To ensure your safety, each new client is required to take an Intro to Equipment class. This 90 minute class covers the basics of proper Pilates Equipment usage. 

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Do you have years of previous Pilates equipment experience? Give us a call! We can help get you scheduled in our regular courses. 

Courses begin the first week of every month. If you wish to join a course that is already in progress, please email us. 


For safety reasons, props and mats will not be provided for communal use by clients for the foreseeable future.

All IN-STUDIO participants must bring their own prop kits with a stability ball (8-10" diameter) and a theraband. Should you forget your props, the studio has a limited number of props for sale on hand.


Body First utilizes Wellness Living as our scheduling platform. To book your course, create your account below.

Equipment Course Descriptions


Reformer Course

Reformer courses are an excellent way to not only increase your strength, but increase your flexibility as well. Reformer courses tend to focus on the extremities. Our careful instruction ensures that our clients strengthen the correct muscles. While many studios might challenge you to do "fancy moves" with a lot of resistance, we choose to focus on form and precision. You'll leave each class feeling longer and leaner. 

Tower Course

Tower courses are designed to strengthen your core. Throughout this class, you are constantly challenging your ability to stabilize your body against movement. Unlike the reformer, the Tower utilizes multiple springs and pulley systems, encouraging the body to work against rotation. By working every limb independently, we can correct muscular imbalances that often arise from every day life. Tower classes are excellent for everyone, but particularly cyclists, equestrians, boxers, golfers, and swimmers. 

Chair Course

Centered around this unique piece of equipment, our Chair courses provide a difficult workout to even the strongest of clients. Clients must use their strength to lift and stabilize their own body weight against gravity. Considered to be the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment, the Chair tackles strength, stability, and coordination. This course is excellent for those looking to increase their athleticism. 

Mixed Equipment Course

Our Mixed Equipment course combines the best aspect of all three pieces of equipment into one. The Reformer focuses on strength and flexibility, the Chair emphasizes balance and control, while the Tower challenges your stabilization - all while working from your core. Utilizing a mixture of Reformer, Chair, and Tower techniques, we challenge the body system through a unique flow of movement from one machine to the next. 

Equipment Course Pricing


One-Month Enrollment

$35 per class (billed monthly)

Book your recurring spot in your selected Pilates equipment course. To register, clients are required to attend one Intro to Equipment class. Allotted one make-up session per month, space permitting. 


Body First utilizes Wellness Living as our scheduling platform. To book your course, create your account below.

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