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6 Ways To Take Advantage of Your Corporate Massage

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of bringing in a massage therapist. It can boost worker’s moral, help ease the stress of a busy work cycle, and bring a renewed sense of focus and mental clarity. While every corporate massage experience is different, these six tips can help you get the most of your fifteen-minute massage slot.

Change Your Shirt

No, you’re not smelly; nor are we offended by your fabulous outfit choice. While doable, it is very difficult to work through dress shirts, ribbed sweaters, and tight necked tops. It is simply a matter of fabric and construction. A therapist’s ultimate goal is to save their hands. They are not going to sacrifice their technique or fingers in order to work through a certain type of fabric. Each therapist will make their own adjustments in order to accommodate your clothing choice. To get the most out of your session, it is highly recommended that you change into a loose-fitting cotton t-shirt before you arrive.

Clear Your Neck

If you wear a necklace, please remove it. If your hair is down, please put it up. We are happy to work around these things, but these simple adjustments can help make your experience more relaxing.

Be Early

Yes, your session block is fifteen minutes long; however, a few things will cut into your time slot. Your therapist will most likely wrap up their current session one or two minutes before the fifteen-minute interval is over. This ensures that they have enough time to clean the chair and prepare the room for the next client. In order to ensure that you have your full thirteen minutes (don't worry, you can get a lot done in thirteen minutes) please arrive early and wait outside the room.

Once inside, your therapist will introduce themselves, get a quick run-down of what you might be looking for, and then adjust the chair for your height. Some massage therapists are fast and can adjust on a dime. Others may need thirty to forty seconds to help find your proper placement. The introduction and seat adjustment can take up an additional one to two minutes of your massage.

So yes, your session block is technically fifteen minutes long on your sign-up sheet; however, your session will most likely be shortened to thirteen minutes. To ensure that you do not lose any more time, please be sure to arrive at least one to two minutes ahead of your time slot. If your therapist is ready, you might just earn an extra minute.

Book Your Session Before Our Break

If you are at all able to select your time slot for your massage, it is highly recommended that you book right before the therapist's break. While some therapists will adhere to the thirteen-minute cutoff, there is a good possibility that many will take you to the end of your time slot – especially if there was a little bit of a delay getting your chair height situated.

Be Comfortable

Speaking of chair height, please tell your therapist if your chair is uncomfortable. So many people have tell their therapists that their chair is “fine.” Perhaps it is because you’re worried about not getting your full fifteen-minutes. It only takes a few minor adjustments to make your position better than “fine.” Chairs should be so comfortable that you do not even notice them. If your chair is in the correct place, you should simply melt and be able to let your tension release. If you feel any discomfort whatsoever, speak up. Once the chair is adjusted to your height, these minor changes are quick and can make all the difference.

Speak Up

A therapist only has you for thirteen minutes. They want these thirteen minutes to be an escape for you, not an internal running monologue of things you wish you could say but don’t. In this ever-stressful world, your body is holding tension in so many places. Most massage therapists will attempt to work your scalp, neck, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, and hands. Pressure varies from therapist to therapist. A good therapist can tell if they are utilizing too much pressure based on muscle response; however, what they feel and what you experience may not always coincide.

Please speak up. If the pressure is too much, please tell say something. If you do not want your hair touched, please say so. If you just want a neck and shoulder massage, let them know. They are here to help you relax and let go of tension. It is difficult to do that if you have something to say but are just too afraid to say it. They honestly will not be offended.

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