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Class Descriptions

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Class Descriptions

Pilates Mat Class - Reignite the body with our specially designed Mat Classes. We approach our Mat Class from a place of fundamental movement skills. Rather than focusing on sticking to a "classic Pilates" order, we have developed a program that re-educates the body on proper movement mechanics. Our Mat Classes are designed to work every muscle in the body efficiently while simultaneously providing our clients with a greater understanding of their own bodies. 

Pilates Plus - Take your Pilates Mat Class to the next level. This class utilizes small weights to further increase the benefits of Pilates. Add a little "oomph" to your workout while still utilizing proper movement mechanics. Make sure you have a light set of weights. No weights? No problem! Grab some soup cans, a kid’s toy, anything with a little weight in it is perfect.

Release and Restore - Unwind with this muscular release class. Unlike your normal stretching routine, this class utilizes myofascial techniques - digging deep below the surface to relieve the fascial system. This class is designed to aid in recovery, improve posture, and realign the body system. An excellent addition to any Pilates practice or massage treatment, RnR fills the gap and places recovery in your own hands. 

Strength Class - Our Strength Class is designed to increase muscle tone and stamina through high repetitions and light weights. Utilizing dumbbells, resistance bands and body weight, clients move through complementary circuits for a total body training session. All Levels Welcome.

Dynamic Mobility Class - Dynamic Mobility improves the daily function of the entire body from the ground up. If flexibility and stability are not your friends, this is the perfect class for you. Each week we will focus on increased flexibility, improved balanced, and overall joint stability through a series of exercises and stretches. You will leave each class feeling looser, more stable, and refreshed.

Endurance Class - This high intensity class challenges your cardiovascular system, strength, and balance by incorporating a traditional Pilates repertoire into a full-bodied workout. Each class is designed to challenge and improve your coordination, providing you a strong, reactive core. While this class is formatted around the use of a BOSU, all exercises can be done without one.  

Power Class - This class pushes your heart-rate to the next level. Each week, we progress you through a Pilates class combined with intense cardio and multiple rounds of weights to give you the ultimate burn to your morning routine. You’ll leave class each week feeling stronger and more energized.  

Class Schedule

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