Please Note: Our lead Pilates instructor, Sioned, is away on maternity leave through mid January. All IN-STUDIO classes will commence after she returns. Until then, please take advantage of our online classes and ON-DEMAND options for Pilates. 

Our Massage Service will continue as scheduled. 

Private Pilates Sessions

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Private Pilates sessions are an excellent way to receive hands on, tailored-to-you instruction. Our one-on-one sessions ensure that your program is unique to you and your needs. Every session begins with an intake to assess your progress from week to week. We then utilize this information to help us further your own goals. Private sessions can be used for a variety of reasons, including strength or flexibility improvement, injury recovery, and gaining confidence to enroll in a group class.  

To accommodate our clients' ever changing schedules, we offer two different experiences: IN-STUDIO and ONLINE experiences. 



IN-STUDIO sessions provide hands-on, qualified instruction based upon your specific needs.


ONLINE sessions are an excellent way to continue your Pilates practice even when you are away from the studio.


For safety reasons, props and mats will not be provided for communal use by clients for the foreseeable future.


IN-STUDIO studio clients are required to bring their own mats. 


All IN-STUDIO participants must bring their own prop kits with a stability ball (8-10" diameter) and a theraband. Should you forget your props, the studio has a limited number of props for sale on hand.



Private Session

4-Session Package

8-Session Package

Duet Session

Small Group Session


$228 ($57 each)

$440 ($55 each)

$40 (per person)

$25 (per person)


Private Session

Duet Session

Duet Session 8-Pack

Group Session

Group Session 8-Pack